Photo by Andreas Schlesinger
Photo by Andreas Schlesinger

Kalamahara claim more for their sound than just black and white. The power trio from Leipzig and Hamburg contrasts versatile, progressive harmonies with rock hard and dauntless riff broadsides. The resulting mixture of kraut, psychedelic and stoner sounds can hardly be reconciled but the band doesn't care about dusty style cliches anyway. While the three experienced musicians and singers partly play with fragile lyrics, they deliver mighty pounds of riff broadsides at the same time, alternating with complex melodies and intricate rhythms never forgetting not to take themselves too seriously at the right moments.

Mixed and recorded by Charlie Paschen (i.a. Rotor, Coogans Bluff, Wucan) at the Off The Road Studios in Leipzig, Kalamahara deliver with "Greener Fields" their most mature album yet. Mastered by Willi Dammeier (i.a. Colour Haze) it places great importance on more details, more space, more time, and invites you to a journey through wide sound landscapes always ahead of common standards. In spite of the band members living in different cities and the departure of a second guitarist, shows with bands like Colour Haze, Radio Moscow, The Flying Eyes, Coogans Bluff and Rotor helped Kalamahara to grow deeper into their own sound in the recent years resulting in "Greener Fields" being  completely recorded live.

The unconditional pursuit to produce a transparent and unpretentious sound gives the songs a tangible tension, revealing sensitivity without easing pressure. Diversified instrumentation and the courage to shift down a gear once in a while, enrich the dynamic and multifaceted nature of the album. The eight unique songs are proof that along with a pronounced joy of playfulness and musical audaciousness, the rare conviction that prestige, complacence and often copied standards should have no place in modern rock sound.



Clemens Heger - Guitar and Vocals

Alex Beyer - Drums and Vocals

Hans-Christian Puls - Bass and Vocals


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